What Is PPC Advertising? How Can It Expand Your Online Business?

PPC or pay per click advertising is quite famous in the marketing industry. The way it has put forth a wide new arena of tactics is simply remarkable. Unlike most other traditional marketing methods where the cost involved is quite high, PPC advertising allows you to pay for each advertisement that the audience clicks on. It is not only viable for the clients but also for the advertiser, as it brings forth detailed statistics. Being completely an internet-based strategy, this form of advertising has been highly beneficial to attract traffic to your website. There are enormous options for PPC companies in India, as the industry has received a massive impetus. But first, let us understand what the PPC is all about and how can it maximize your business.

10 Unbelievable PPC Stats

In case you are still in a dilemma if PPC advertising is the best for your company, we have got a series of interesting statistics just for you.

  1. Google processes more than 40,000 searches every second.
  2. A total of 10 billion dollars was spent in the year 2007 by 7 million advertisers.
  3. There are more than 2 million websites encompassed by the Google Display Network.
  4. Around 63% of people say that they will click on Google ads deliberately.
  5. More than 75% of people relate that Google ads make it much more convenient to find whatever they are searching for.
  6. There is a common consensus that PPC helps in increasing brand awareness by 80%.
  7. Ads claim around 25% of all the local searches.
  8. The in-store visits increase by 107% when the local businesses target their audience geographically through PPC.
  9. Around 69% of mobile searches end up calling a particular business.
  10. Around 87% of the businesses invest in social advertising, among which 15% are on Twitter, 88% on Facebook, and 15% on LinkedIn.

What does a PPC Specialist/Agency do?

The work of a PPC specialist or agency is to employ the statistics of pay per click advertising in a much more professionalized way. You have to understand that the rules of PPC keep getting updated and hence what might have worked a few months ago will not work anymore today. It is what an agency specialized in, and they can guide you thoroughly. The ultimate need is to cater to the requirements of the clients and to give more statistics-oriented results, it is imperative to stay updated about the basic rules. The experience and the agencies add to the credibility and make the process much more fluid in nature.

How Can PPC Help You Grow Your Online Business?

The prime requirement when you deploy a PPC strategy is to help your online business grow. But how does the process happen, and what exactly makes the strategy of PPC work so well?

  1. The heart of your online business lies in traffic generation. PPC advertising strategy can get great traffic driven to your website and that too on an immediate basis.
  2. PPC advertising ensures that you can generate leads and that too authentic ones.
  3. It is a very cost-effective method, particularly for new businesses.
  4. You can easily design attractive PPC ads.
  5. Allows you to have a detailed insight and ensures retargeting.

Hire PPC Experts for Your Online Business

You can easily find ample options for PPC services in Noidayet Toffee Global is quite an accredited one. If you are searching for a PPC company in Noida that is experienced and ensures good outcomes, contact us at the earliest. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. The rest will be crafted out by our professionals.

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