About Pay-Per-Click

The idea of Pay-per-click digital marketing is that search engines will list your websites at the top of their search results page, as long as they get a commission every time someone clicks your website. Sounds like a win-win deal, doesn't it?

The more profit you make, and the more creative your ad, the lesser you'll be charged. Google especially takes into account how credible and trust-worthy a website is, and how creative their ad is; that's how they decide to cut down on their commission, so your business can grow and make more profits. The work of a PPC company is to understand what goes into making the perfect ad, masked as a top search engine result, and get leads. As Google Ads is a powerful tool, hiring a Google Ads agency can do wonders for your business. This Google Ads agency will focus specifically on Google, instead of diverting attention to other search engines.

Digital Marketing is a powerful tool when it comes to growing your business online. While Search Engine Optimization increases the noticeability factor of your website organically, Pay-Per-Click is a more sure-shot way of ensuring more visibility on search engines like Google and Bing.

Before you even begin to understand what a PPC company can do for you and your business, let's take a look at what PPC is.

Pay per click advertising services assure you to attract and bring the targeted audience to your website and increase your lead conversion as well as ROI. The team of PPC experts at Toffee ensures to lowest cost per acquisition CPA. Our aim to provide a high return on investment by improved and enhanced keyword targeting, proper target audience, and thorough daily monitoring.

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We are reputed PPC Agency in India and our aim to build customer trust and create virtual benefit for our client’s business in order to attract the target audience, communicate with them, and reach out to a broader set of mass. We promise to provide a pleasant, easy, and productive user experience.

PPC Campaign Structure

  • Keyword Finding
    and Selection

  • Ad Text Creation

  • Tracking of Conversion

  • PPC Monitoring

  • Cost Management
    of PPC

  • Tracking Calls

  • Competitive Research

  • Aiding in Optimizing
    the Landing Pages

  • Submission of Ad

  • Modification in
    Campaign Improvement

Best PPC Management Services in India

Google Ads or PPC Advertising

For Google Ads or PPC advertising services, you don’t need to wait for a long time or spend more time. The PPC campaign gets activated just in a single click that’s why PPC advertising is a quick service. At Toffee, we have highly experienced and result oriented professionals who delivers the maximum ROI in minimum budget. We are also known as the leading Google Ads management company in India.

Bing Advertising

Bing advertising also lure more customers to your website, we design and create catchy Bing Ads. Bing also allows you to assign different time zones to different campaigns. This makes worldly Ad scheduling strategies easy to manage, particularly if your campaigns have an international reach.

Remarketing Strategy

Remarketing strategy helps in improving your ROI and conversion ratio by continuously making people see you on different platforms once they have visited your website.

Display Advertising

Display advertising attract more and more interested customers to view your digital ads, we do in-depth research on the audience relevant to your goals and come up with eye-catching ads.

Benefits of hiring toffee as a PPC management company

There is a high ROI when your ads are creative and target the correct demographic. Making the right ad for your website can take a lot of time, effort and a lot of details must be accounted for. Leave it to the professional PPC management services to ace the game for you!

  • Pay for what you get- Pay-per-click is the master of digital advertising. The reason why there are so many PPC management services pushing for the pay-per-click way is that you only have to pay for the clicks that lead to your website. There are no long-term expenses, and the expenses reduce with an increase in brand popularity. In simple words, you only pay when it's getting you results.
  • Analyze real-time data-Every PPC management agency is aware of the fact that investing in the pay-per-click form of advertisement gives a lot of real-time information to work with. Your PPC management agency can check the potency of keywords used, targeted ads, and if something isn't working but taking up cost, it can be chucked out completely. You're able to see what you're spending on and whether your money is being invested properly.
  • An easy solution to multiple problems-Intelligent PPC management can create solutions for a lot of areas when it comes to reinforcing your brand and generating more clients. Pay-per-click can bring in more app downloads, more credibility, more content downloads, more signups for your newsletters, etc. If your PPC management works out the right strategy to push your ad, you'll be getting way more than what you bargained for.
  • Branching Out-Any Google Ads management company worth their salt understands how rewarding pay-per-click advertising can be, especially for brands looking to branch out of their locality. Google Ads PPC will put your sponsored products, services or websites at the top of their search results page. This is a quicker way of generating new clients, without having to put in the rigorous amount of effort like in SEO. Not just this, Google Ads PPC helps you reach people who earlier had no idea that your brand even existed. All you need is a strategy for Google Ads campaign management.

What does the best PPC marketing agency do differently?

The reason why Toffee is the best PPC marketing agency out there is that we perform a meticulous analysis, and take thorough measures to set you apart from the hordes of business out there providing the same services.

  • Keyword finding and selection- Finding the trending keywords with the most capital profit attached to them, and ingraining them into your ad.
  • Ad Text creation- For a capable Google Ads campaign management, the ad would need a creative and catch text.
  • Tracking conversion- Analyzing which keywords and ads are paying off, and which aren't.
  • PPC Monitoring- Monitoring real-time data to increase conversions cost-effectively. As a leading PPC marketing agency, our objective is to play to your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.
  • Cost management of PPC- While PPC is a cost-effective form of advertising that shows results quickly, we still need to manage our finances judiciously.
  • Tracking calls- The PPC marketing agency must track the ads leading to customers calling for queries or demanding services via calls. If the ads are generating calls, they're succeeding in generating interest.
  • Competitive research- While doing the best we can, we should always track our competitors to know what's working for them.
  • Aiding in Optimizing the Landing Pages- Landing pages are crucial in catching people's eye. Optimizing it would garner more interest.
  • Submission of ad- Timely and effective submissions can help boost your profits exponentially.
  • Modification in Campaign Improvement- A good PPC marketing company is one that believes in constant improvement.

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