The Art of Negative Keywords: Streamlining Your PPC Campaigns for Better ROI

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With the rise of digital marketing, PPC campaigns and strategies have been at the forefront of the marketing strategies of various companies. The synopsis of PPC is the idea of placing an advertisement on a website for promotions and paying the host for every click generated.

However, this is not how every PPC campaign functions. Google rewards companies that produce better creatives and content and are generally more trustworthy. One recent technique companies use has been applying “Negative Keywords.” These negative keywords are employed by PPC campaigns to block your ads from appearing in certain search queries.

Let’s assume a University claims to provide the best MBA in India. Their ads may vary for a broad range of keywords on search engines, such as “the best MBA in India” and “best Placement provider in India. “However, since there is no definite way to guarantee this to the customer who views your ads.

Moreover, because you pay host websites, you suffer a financial loss and diminished brand image. To avoid these complexities and losses, hiring a good marketing agency is crucial. With digital marketing, a great PPC company in Noida or Delhi NCR can help boost your sales in any part of the country.

Types of Negative Keywords:

  1. Negative Broad match: The most commonly used form of negative keyword, this classification will ensure that your advertisements do not appear in any searches or queries that contain your negative keyword.
  2. Negative Phrase match: Negative phrase match keywords are more targeted, with these advertisements only appearing in searches and queries that contain the same keywords in the exact order. This method effectively avoids searches since most users only search for something once or twice.
  3. Negative Exact match: The most targeted form of negative keywords will help exclude your advertisements from searches that contain the exact keywords or terms in the same order. Any deviation in the order, keywords, or terms will ensure your advertisement does not appear.

Benefits of Negative Keywords:

  1. Exclusion Of Traffic: While marketing agencies strive excessively to drive the correct degree of traffic and number onto their website, sometimes this violates an essential principle of quality over quantity. People believe that quantity will equate to quantity, but not often. In some instances, the users that visit websites will not offer any value besides clicks.
  2. Reduction of PPC costs and higher ROI: Negative keywords are designed to reduce irrelevant search appearances. This will help garner viewability to the right audience to purchase a company’s products or services and, therefore, a better investment return. Rated as the best PPC company in Noida, Toffee Global can help you lower your PPC costs and harness better Returns.
  3. Improvement of CTR: Negative keywords will help boost the click-through rate of an account. CTR is a metric that shows how many clicks are received on their ads per number of impressions. This will help companies analyze their keywords quality score as well.

PPC Campaign Development at Toffee Global:

At Toffee Global, we are committed to helping companies drive bare numbers and quality clients that will help in ample business development. As the best PPC company in Noida, Our 10 step PPC campaign structure consists of

  1. Keyword Finding and selection
  2. Ad text creation
  3. Tracking of conversion
  4. PPC monitoring
  5. Cost management of PPC campaigns
  6. Tracking calls
  7. Competitive research
  8. Landing Page Optimization
  9. Submission of advertisements
  10. Modification in Campaign Improvement


Founded under the aegis of providing quality marketing services in the new age of digital marketing, Toffee Global ranks as the best PPC company in Noida. At Toffee, the focus goes beyond optimizing the right content. We formulate the perfect PPC campaign that aligns with search engines. We have developed different strategies for Google ads and Bing to drive advertising results through both. At Toffee, we are also inclined to develop efficient models for remarketing strategy implementation. This helps boost the overall ROI of our clients’ products. Our ability to provide multifocal solutions, analyze real-time data, diverse marketing skills, and PPC strategies rank among Noida’s most prominent PPC services.

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