Google Ads new landing page parameters are scary but a much-needed change

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Not sure if the google ads or advertisers should be upset or happy about the AdWords upgraded URLs format since it’s a forced migration. But the new possibilities are only adding to the already brilliant format. It will give advertisers more options which, if done right, can save a lot of time and increase efficiency with a few simple modifications. This means, there will be reduced crawl and load times, less time spent managing URL tracking updates, and new tracking parameters. This will also eliminate the need for sending back of the ads for editorial review in cases when tracking criteria are changed.

The prospects seem good but there is one slight problem, this is a forced migration and not everyone is ready to mess around the URL parameters and tracking. But again, in the past, advertisers lost all the tracking history if they had to change their tracking parameters, the new update eliminates this stupidity.

What is the change in google ads?

Previously, when you wanted to adjust your tracking, you had to update the destination URL. During that review period, your Google ads would stop working and the information linked to the previous URL was lost. The new format makes Parallel Tracking available to the advertisers.

With the new format, what it does is that it splits the destination URL into two parts. One portion of the URL is now can be used for landing page and other can be used for tracking information separately. Now you can update your tracking and review your ads without them having to be stopped or losing the previous stats.

When is the forced migration due?

Currently, Google ads is giving a chance for advertisers to be able to try it and make the necessary changes before the deadline. The force migration is coming October this year, and the process began from July 2015. Right after the deadline, all of your Destination URLs will automatically transform into final URL.

What should you do in google ads?

The current dilemma is that whether you should start making changes to your campaigns or not? And the answer is that you can if you want. However, if you start doing it manually today, it will be like creating new Ads campaign all over again; your ads will be sent back for review and stats will be reset. But to help the advertisers and in the anticipation of this switch, Google has released a URL upgrade guide. This guide will help you identify the type of advertiser you are and which upgrade method you should use.

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