The Ultimate Instagram Marketing Guide

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Instagram, which boasts nearly a billion users, has several features that work perfectly for your promotional video ideas. If used strategically, it can help increase sales. We’ve got 15 Instagram video ideas for your business advertisements to flourish:

  1. Teaser videos:

Teaser videos build anticipation among viewers while efficiently promoting your content. They could be about your current products, upcoming live sessions, or sneak-peeks into a product launch.

  1. Behind-the-scene IGTV:

Such videos show off your brand’s working and the process of product building. If you’re advertising a specific product feature, such as its role in promoting the environment’s protection, this could be your gateway to debunk any doubts the users may have.

  1. Q&A Stories:

Q&A stories are wonderful ways to communicate with your customers and help build some PR.

  1. Countdowns:

This is another efficient way of building anticipation for a product launch. Creating your own hashtag also allows users to share it with their friends and followers.

  1. Time-lapse videos:

Time-lapse about product packaging or venue setup could be the perfect way to build a buyer-seller rapport.

  1. Stop-motion videos:

This is the perfect medium to highlight a particular product feature. They can turn a simple event into a fun promotional video.

  1. Competitions and Giveaways:

This is a great way to engage your audience. It catches their attention and helps promote your account by using specific hashtags. Giving out free product samples guarantees you some regular customers.


Ask your customers to post their purchases and tag you. You can then repost their stories, so other users can see the range of products your company sells.

  1. Exclusive offer videos:

Holidays are the most fun ways to gain the audience’s attention. Post offer videos celebrating festivals and holidays, or create a simple video wishing your followers a happy holiday.

  1. Instructional videos:

Share instructional videos about how your products can be used creatively and differently.

  1. Recap videos:

If you’ve held any recent events, create a recap video with your best pictures for more engagement.

  1. Cinematic videos:

Feature food and travel in your videos. These feel-good videos are always popular among Instagram users.

  1. Boomerangs:

Boomerangs are a foolproof way to capture attention. Post boomerang videos of your products or event venues to let your followers know what’s happening.

  1. Product reviews:

Invite guests to do a product review of your latest launch or most popular product. This instills faith among users about your product and helps boost sales.

  1. Account takeovers:

If you’re collaborating with another company or artist, there is nothing better than hosting account takeovers for gaining followers and product demands.

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