The Science of Hashtags in Instagram: How to Choose, Analyze, and Optimize for Maximum Reach

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It has nearly been a decade since the coveted rise of Instagram as a social media juggernaut. Since its advent, the platform has quickly grown exponentially to become one of the world’s top social media platforms alongside Twitter and Facebook. During this period, it has become a haven for business and the center of the social media marketing industry. It has also introduced several social media marketing agencies in India and abroad. The primary function of these agencies is to

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Strengthen corporate networking
  • Branding
  • Company reach
  • Relay important customer demands

Instagram hashtags help abbreviate and categorize your content with a specified niche on the internet. This helps brands build rapport with their desired demographics and convert them into feasible opportunities.

Hashtags are also a source for Instagram’s overall niche; however, they require specific regulation to generate the desired results. Whether a company is a conglomerate or an emerging startup, everyone in India’s market demographic requires marketing expertise.

  • 5 types of hashtags 

5 basic types of hashtag categories are basic yet prevalent. Brands should try to employ at least 1 from each category

  • Location – place, country etc.
  • Branded – campaign, occurring events, your brand
  • Industry-specific business niche
  • Community – specified group or people
  • descriptive – actual post content

For specified content of companies, they can use 2 similar hashtags from the same subcategories, but excessiveness can make the content subject to saturation

  • 3-5 hashtag Range 

Many people believe that more hashtags equate to more reach. This belief pertains to “”the more the merrier”” mentality. However, statistics prove that posts with hashtags in the range of 3-5 will have higher reach accuracy than posts with 20+ hashtags because hashtags are accuracy-based, not quantity-based. However, advanced analytics show that less than 10 hashtags are abundant.

  • Research Explore Pages 

While the explore pages can be considered an amalgamation of Instagram trends. It also provides a basic framework for successful Instagram posts because it shows what content aligns with Instagram’s overall rhythm.

  • Checking Instagram hashtag volume 

Post volume has become a pivotal metric for determining the best hashtags. The most popular hashtags are the most saturated ones. Since everyone is trying to be unique, they become similar and unorganized. Unpopular hashtags have a low searchability rate. Hence, companies should aim for hashtags with 10,000-200,000 posts.

  • Create Branded Hashtag 

Branded hashtags can be made by amalgamating company names with popular trends or incorporating taglines and hashtags. In the past, Coca-Cola and Redbull were extremely successful with this practice. Branded hashtags provide individuality and distinctiveness while simultaneously projecting a brand image whenever it is used.

Toffee Global is a Social media marketing agency in India providing social media marketing services to all its clients and partner companies in :

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy

Toffee believes in the creative application of strategy in ways applicable to each user’s feed. The primary goal is to ensure the content aligns with the viewers’ other interests to improve overall content reach. Toffee drives desirable traffic to the company’s websites and secondary outlets for greater business development.

  • Social Media Advertising Management 

Toffee focuses substantially on efficient advertising strategies to accelerate the growth of its clients and the respective brand image of the company to increase its discoverability on the internet. Toffee believes in creating bigger impacts within seconds through its advertising efforts.

  • Social Media Content Creation    

Any content is bound to get viewed in a country of 1.45 billion viewers. While several social media agencies in India standardize this, Toffee believes that unique and applicable content is the key to penetration in any market. Toffee helps generate breakthrough content for its client companies to assist lead generation, brand awareness, overall company feasibility and establishing a marketing framework.

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