New ways of social media marketing: What social media marketers need to know to be updated


As easy as the internet or social media marketing has made our lives in the past few decades, it has, in the same way, decreased the amount of patience that one possesses. People of the world today, especially millennials need all the answers they want here and now, without any wait. Ever since the speed of a webpage became the ranking factor for mobile devices, in July, it has become extremely important that websites and social media bloggers who are looking to build their brand by Digital Marketing keep up to date with the changing trends. Statistics show that almost 50% of the users want the entire website to load within the first 2 seconds or they lose interest in its content.

It is any way evident, that the increase social media marketing in demand is unable to keep up with the increase of service providers. With so many options available, the customer tends to gravitate towards the one that provides the solution most quickly and most efficiently. Optimizing and minimizing the speed of the webpage is one of the ways of keeping your customers from moving on to other competitors. There can be various ways of doing so –

Optimizing the path of the page – As soon as a website is searched in the search bar, the webpage before being displayed to the user passes through multiple interfaces. By removing unneeded data while loading the page on the mobile website, the optimization of the website increases, hence increasing the speed.

Improve the response time of the server – It is always advisable that you always keep the response time of your server below 2 seconds. This not only improves the traffic of the site but also keeps the users interested in the content. By reducing the number of interfaces of social media marketing the website passes through, you can substantially reduce the amount taken for the website to load (by up to 90%).

Eliminating rendering – Blocking JavaScript and CSS

One of the areas where the website takes a longer time to load is when the external JavaScript take a lot of time to be fetched. If the external script is small, it will get fetched within no time but a script longer will take a longer to fetch and hence increasing the response time of the webpage.

Gone are the times when the digital market was an unexplored territory. These days everyone uses social media to promote their business/services, so keeping up to pace with the changing trends has become mandatory. Be wise, because in this case change is the only constant.

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