Make The Algorithm of the World’s Second Largest Search Engine Work In Your Favor

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YouTube was formed in 2005 as a naïve idea of letting people share special moments with their loved ones. The idea exploded into a website that, now, has more traffic than search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and AOL combined. With the freedom to express your views on a platform that reaches billions, YouTube has etched a permanent place in the online community. With millions of active channels, around a billion unique users every month, and a race against time to get more views, those who are just setting up their channel can find it a daunting task. But with proper resources and exceptional digital marketing, working the YouTube’s algorithm in your favor can work. With the help of the best digital marketing company in Noida, you can formulate such videos that pour in the views. To understand how this is possible, first, we need to dig into the working of YouTube.

  • The Search Results.

YouTube has gone to become one of the world’s most significant search engines, second only to Google. With 3 billion searches coming in every month, it becomes necessary to master the search results. One can do this by using proper keywords in your title and description, incorporating catchy hashtags, and understanding the user’s query.

  • Plays and Retention.

Approximately 100 hours of video is uploaded on YouTube every minute. To outshine such an enormous amount of content, one needs to increase the number of plays they receive. That means how many people click on your video. YouTube’s algorithm also takes the time people spend watching your video into account. More the retention period, the higher your video will be in the search results.

  • Rate of Growth.

People around the world watch around 6 billion hours of videos every month. But are they watching your video? The rate of growth of the count of views, the number of likes and dislikes, etc. is also a prime factor in YouTube’s algorithm. The faster you grow, the more the attention you will receive. This works best for newly uploaded videos as YouTube promotes them more.

  • Frequency of Videos.

YouTube is the fastest growing video sharing community even after 15 years of its launch. You must stay in the game and not let your channel fade away behind newer content. One should regularly upload videos on their channel to increase the time people spend on their channel. More the engagement of your channel with the viewers, the higher you will go in YouTube’s algorithm.

  • Relevance.

Your video should be relevant. The title should be catchy, the thumbnail should be personalized and attractive, and the description should make the people click on your video. Without these features, the viewers might mark your video as “Not Interested,” bringing it down the ladder of YouTube’s algorithm.

Through the years, YouTube has changed the way it works drastically. Back in 2012, it was utterly dependent on the number of views a video gets to push it higher. With iterations in the algorithm and monetization norms, YouTube strives to bring the best content into the highlight. One needs guidance from the best digital marketing company in Noida to spread their videos and channel successfully.

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