Google Ads New Options To Manage Your Search Presence To Its Google My Business App

Everyday people need help with repairing their chimneys or changing the oil of their car or even perhaps moving the lawn. Now rather than going out hunting for people suitable for this job, we tend to hit up google ads and see what is the best available around us.

This has caused the google ads searches for nearby businesses to increase significantly with over 9 billion enquiries every month and 4 billion connections. Keeping this in mind, to increase the opportunity for local businesses, Google has announced a new update for its Google My Business app, which is designed to not only make it easier to connect with local businesses, but also added to Google’s ‘social-like’ tools which are designed to send away rising competition from social apps.

The most prominent addition is the simplified Google posts tool as explained by Google in a statement
“With a press of the new Post buttona in the app, you can upload a photo, create an offer or event and add it right to your Business Profile on Google. You can also manage your business information on Google from the Profile tab or google ads and watch your edits appear seamlessly across Search and Maps.”
Another important addition is the customer’s tab which shows all the people you have been able to connect with via google tools.


“From here, you can easily respond to customer reviews and post offers to your followers to keep them coming back in the door, and soon you’ll be able to respond to messages right from the app. And because Google My Business is always on the clock, we’ll be sure to notify you when you get a new customer connection.”

The customer’s window is separated in a number of tabs to give a clear picture of what type of feedback a customer has provided. It makes it easier for the business to sort through the feedback, find all the grievances they have to handle which in turn, improves the customer google ads service and enables the business to prosper better.

And the last major addition is improved presentation on search engine optimization (SEO)as to how people are finding and connecting with your Google Business profile.

“We’ve put your profile results front and centre on the home screen so you’re always in the know.”

It shows you how exactly you are performing and what all aspects of your profile you need to work on.

Some other value-adding updates in the app include a new ‘message’ option which will enable users to see the messages they’ve shared with businesses they’ve already connected with via Business Profiles within Google Maps.
This is yet another social-like feature — rather than being just the home for discovery, Google is looking to add ways for businesses to better own their presence, and for searchers to connect, without having to do so in another – likely social – app.

If you haven’t checked all of these features out, it’s about time you do; and if you haven’t created a business profile for your business then that should definitely be one of the to-do things in your list this week.

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