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The crux of SEO for digital marketing is generally considered to be keywords and the uniqueness of the content. Even though search engine optimization heavily relies on keywords and content, the technical aspect is equally important. In addition to providing the best search results, search engines are responsible for making sure the websites are well-optimized, secure, and easy to use. That is why every SEO agency in Noida toils hard to keep up with the search engines’ algorithms.

If you ignore the technical SEO of your website, you will lose rankings, and that means your business will also suffer. What is technical SEO, and how can one improve it? There is no definitive answer to this question because technical SEO requires a combination of technologies and methods. The following are some of the components of technical SEO that will boost your ranking and give you an edge over your competitors.

Components of technical SEO

  1. Your page loading speed:

Google knows that readers do not like to wait to get information about their queries. Thus, if your website is slow to load, there is a good chance your ranking will also suffer. The bounce rate increases when they do not get the information they are looking for in a quick time. You already know that there are multiple sites to help customers with their queries and needs. It is why the competition is very intense, and even search engine understands it. It ranks slower sites lower than faster sites.

  1. Being mobile-friendly:

The days when you could browse the internet only if you had a computer are gone. Google’s customer base is largely fueled by mobile phone users around the world, as mobile usage is reaching the pocket of the common person everywhere. You are in danger of losing a major chunk of your customers if your site is not well-optimized for mobile viewing. If your customers bounce off your mobile site due to optimization issues, then you’re probably going to lose search engine optimization rankings for your site.

  1. More aspects of technical SEO

As a result of not working backlinks and confusing UI and UX on your website, not only will customers bounce off your site but also your ranking on Google will drop. Google notices these small things as well. Additionally, there are small things like adding an ALT tag to your image to let Google know what the image is about is also important.

  1. Security:

If you put your site on the internet, make sure that it is secure and has all the layers of security for your visitors. Adding an SSL certificate to a website provides an extra shield of security for the visitor. It protects data, confirms identity, and increases the trust of visitors to your site. It is an important part of technical SEO because it increases your Google ranking and the loyalty of your consumers to your brand.

Another critical task that every website owner must do to improve SEO is to submit a sitemap that tells Google about the list pages of your website. The site map informs Google about the list of pages on your site and lets its crawlers index and find the information on your site more easily.

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