Now you can chart data of different time period in Google Ad reports editor


One of the most essential parts of any growth is google ads and analysis. Analysis tells you about your shortcomings, your strengths, weaknesses and other factors that influence your growth.

Let’s take it from the perspective of different online advertising companies and Digital Marketing Agencies, and their sustainability. They work on certain goals of their clients.

After each planned cycle, data is collected and the different forms on analysis are done on it.

Reports tell about different areas where different opportunities pop-up and on the contrary, about the things that are holding the company back from thriving in the market.

In this article, we’re going to discuss a handy update rolled out by Google lately, that has given these online advertising companies or different organizations great aid to analyze their product in the market over different periods of time.

Now compare reports on different time periods google ads reports:

Before the update swayed on the market, the analysis of ad reports required a lot of efforts. For example, let’s say you sell a seasonal product and you want to measure your growth over a certain period of time in a given year. Before the update, the user had to open different reports in different windows/tabs and to compare them, the person had to switch between the tabs or the windows. Now with this new update, Google ads has given advertisers to chart reports of two different time periods — be it two different months, two different years or two different weeks — now you can visually analyze the data in a single chart.

The same feature was available in the Analytics tool of Google called ‘Google Analytics’ where users had an option to analyze two data of custom time periods.

This update will help Online Advertising Agencies and different organizations in multiple ways.

Charting a single report of different time periods will save a lot of efforts and will give a more organized and detailed idea of data.

Let’s see what Google ads had to say on the update.

“Report Editor users often tell us how important it is to be able to chart performance for two different time periods. That’s why we’re happy to announce that Report Editor charts now support time comparison.”

In a nutshell, now users can compare how the clicks on the ads varied over a period of time, how different ads are performed over different times and will give an understanding of their impact on different factors like season, user-taste, etc.


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