Evolution of SEO services in India: What to expect in 2021

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Over a period of time, SEO services in India have undergone multiple major algorithm updates, upgraded the content game, and navigated through an increasingly competitive SERP scenario. However, the primary focus on customer experience remains unchanged by Google. It is thus the driving force for the major transitions on the horizon. Let us discuss the changes that will potentially take place in the SEO ecosystem in 2021.

Things you can expect from SEO services in India during 2021:

  1. Voice Search Will Affect Search Queries:

The voice search technology has come a long way since innovations like Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa, voice search technology has come a long way. With the improvement in technology, its popularity has increased as well. According to research, 55% of the household will own a smart speaker by the year 2022. For the optimization of voice search, you have to consider your keywords. You also have to Identify longer phrases that everyone uses in their everyday conversation. This is because voice searches have a tendency to perform better with longer, more natural-sounding word phrasing. Moreover, people tend to abbreviate while typing. Let us give you an example, a person might voice be searching, ‘What are the new SEO trends for 2021?” tends to type, “new SEO trends 2021.

  1. Agility of local businesses and local SEO Pros:

In terms of local search in 2020, the local businesses and brands will adapt quickly since it is one of the hardest-hit sectors amidst this pandemic. The social restrictions and lockdowns pushed these business owners to be creative and find innovative ways to connect with their client. It includes virtual consultations, contactless pick-up, and many more. However, it is a huge difference for some businesses if they simply inform their customers about their opening and closing hours. Thus, Google has provided these community people with the facility of My Business for local businesses. This feature helps them stay connected with their customers.

  1. Strategy to include video in your SEO:

Online videos are the future of marketing. The users of this generation are inclined towards video. Even YouTube has over 1 billion users. If you have not started creating content on video, do it right away. If you are not convinced till now, check out this thought expressed by Cisco, video content is consumed more than any other form of content on the internet.

How do SEO agencies enhance video content?

Never forget to optimize the name of your channel and its description. The description should not be stuffed with keywords. It also needs to be a user-friendly overview of the specifications of your channel. Eventually, keywords do play an important role.

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