A look at three major email marketing trends of the year 2018


Marketing trends or email marketing trends keep jiggling up and down in the market and a lot of trends go unnoticed by common folks regardless of their involvement with it. In case you may have noticed, emails don’t look like they used to look a few years back. Be it the language of the content, the structure or the design of the email, there has been a great paradigm shift in the email marketing world and companies have now started paying serious attention to their email marketing strategies. The bedrock of all the strategies it to make user interaction more intimate, meaningful and reduce users’ efforts whilst engaging with the contents of the email.
Out of all the trends that have come into existence lately, we’ll have a look at some of the most influential ones in this article. Let’s get this going!


Be it any digital marketing agency or an online advertising agency, every marketer out there can’t let mobile optimization get ignored. Out of all the other mediums, mobile is the closest one to any user and let’s face it, people are getting lazy with time. People want things to get to them in a matter of clicks — in fact, just one or two. So, marketers have adopted this behavior and made sure people don’t have to go beyond their mailbox to make a purchase, fill a survey or go to an app to see an alert.
Introduction of the likes of integrated forms, social sharing, search in the email and variety of navigation options within the email encourages CTAs in a whole new way and keeps users intact within their mailbox.



‘We’ve updated our privacy policy’
Who didn’t notice the flurry of emails by almost every platform or organization we signed up for. GDPR was a game changer in the digital world and an absolute eye-opener for people. Now people are cautious about the use of their personal data and GDPR gives them all the protection they need for that matter.
Coming to the point, now since GDPR has come into existence, it has given people a cushion about the use of their data and an opportunity for Digital Marketing Agencies to thrive. As people now know their data will be handled with more care and precision, the email marketing campaigns will benefit from this shift in all good ways.


Last but not least, personalization. No matter how much the industry evolves, personalization is one of the immovable pillars of any email marketing strategy. Online advertising companies keep experimenting with different interaction methodologies in order to personalize content for the users. If we speak about the current trend, advertisers generally focus on the conversational tone when it comes to personalizing. Whilst the practice may not be effective for every business, nobody misses out on the basics of it. For example, the name of the recipient is a must-have in any email that is sent to the customers.
Trends keep changing and being updated with these trends is an essential practice to sustain in the digital market. So, make sure you don’t miss out on any!

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