EEAT and YMYL: Understanding Google’s Quality Guidelines for SEO

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The advent of the Internet has created the need for content find ability. With 5.3 billion people accessing the Internet in 2023, it has become the zenith for marketing. Much of modern advertising occurs on the Internet, causing a subsequent spike in the presence of SEO agencies. For so long, an international practice, India is witnessing this trend with Top SEO companies in Noida, Kolkata, and Delhi opening annually. But why?

Every company wants to appear on Google results, but the frequency is defined largely by how optimised their content is. Google constantly updates its algorithm and search quality rater guidelines to provide users with the most diverse, satisfactory content. One of the most recurring quality guidelines that SEO agencies in Noida and the world try to fulfil are the EEAT and YMYL guidelines. EEAT means

  • Experience 

Every content or content creator should have the right degree of experience within the defined topic. The value of experience guidelines lies within the need for originality and the promise of quality. Google quality rater guidelines believe that the best content should be trustworthy. This can only be ascertained if the creator does have an ample amount of experience with the subject.

  • Expertise

The content creator needs to have a required sense of expertise in what he is writing about. Whether the content is marketing-related or designed for any other field, its success vastly depends on the level of excellence its creator has, hence why Google puts extra weight on expertise.

  • Authoritativeness 

Google does align reliability with authority, meaning the higher a source’s authority is, the greater its overall sense of reliability. This occurs because Google quality raters believe that authority is derived from excellence, and if a creator has a higher sense of authority, they must be excellent at their work.

  • Trustworthiness

Google rater guidelines also place trustworthiness as valuable. Google interprets the trustworthiness of a content creator as proof of validity regarding their produced content. Trustworthiness is also defined by the degree of detail a page or content provides.

These four factors analyse a content creator’s or specific content’s quality and credibility. Every content and page is assigned its own EEAT score. A high EEAT score signals a sense of authenticity and excellence, whereas a lower EEAT score suggests the page is unreliable.

Most people prefer the Internet due to its inherent convenience. Smartphone and computer access has allowed billions of people to search for any information they need and gain results within minutes. However, if the information presented is old and outdated, it can sometimes be harmful. Google defines this as YMYL (your money or your life) integral to its SQEG guidelines. This was to allow individual creators to understand the quality of their search engine result pages and improve Google’s algorithm.

YMYL is closely tied to SEO practices, making it a focus area for Top SEO agencies in Noida. In recent guidelines, Google has placed the following topics under YMYL

  • Finance
  • Health and Safety
  • Certain communities
  • News and current events
  • Shopping
  • Civics, Government and Law

Any pages that offer information pertaining to these can be considered YMYL pages. Google largely regulates the discoverability of YMYL pages for safety measures. According to Google, “where our algorithms detect that a user’s query relates to a YMYL topic, we will give more weight in our rankings systems to factors like our understanding of the authoritativeness, expertise, experience and trustworthiness of the pages we present in the response.”

Google is naturally more likely to project YMYL pages with higher EEAT scores than YMYL pages with lower EEAT scores as part of its updated safety guidelines. Google wants only to project the most reliable pages in critical regions because an erosion of quality could afflict real-life damages.

With the surge in top SEO agencies in Noida and other Indian cities, YMYL pages, regardless of their EEAT scores, can disperse greater attention on their content page instead of constantly worrying about complying with Google quality’s rater guidelines. One such company is Toffee.

Toffee is a digital marketing SEO agency in Noida that strives to outwit the digital marketing game through breakthrough SEO strategies. Well-versed with the guidelines above employed by Google. Toffee has been providing its users for decades with multiple digital benefits, like

  • Organic Lead Generation
  • Easy return on investment
  • Building Credibility and Authority
  • Seamless User Experience  

Beyond the basics of the digital marketing world, Toffee has excelled in its domain through strategizing, analyzing and reporting website-related data and optimizing it to push client brands forward into the new age of marketing.

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