eCommerce Marketing Strategies To Explode Your Sales

eCommerce Marketing Strategies

eCommerce has been growing steadily ever since its conception. This year, due to the pandemic, there has been a boom in the realm of eCommerce. Any smart business would shift into a new business model that accommodates this new supply chain. But merely being available online is not enough to attract customers; eCommerce marketing strategies must be employed to get the traction a company requires.

Internet marketing company India

India, being relatively new to internet marketing, has allowed different companies to penetrate this lucrative market; thus, making eCommerce less monopolistic compared to other countries like the USA, where Amazon dominates this industry. If we use the right tools to advertise in India, we can increase our sales by creating and dominating our niche. One of the best firms that help businesses market, promote, design, and develop apps and software is Toffee.

Following are some strategies that can be applied to enhance your sales significantly:

  • Unique selling proposition

A must for every company is to have a unique selling proposition that makes your product or service unique. It should be tailored to fulfill the needs of the customer that the competitors do not. The more significant your USP is, the greater your revenue could be. This also helps create loyal customers that return because your USP makes your product or service better or different than the competitors.

  • Shopping cart

The cart feature’s problem is that 69 percent of the people do not purchase the items in their shopping cart. This could be due to an array of reasons from the high excess cost of shipping, being the most likely reason, to the credit card getting declined, being the least likely reason. To solve this problem, we should remind the customers about their shopping cart. We ought to also design the site in such a way that it is easier for our customers to navigate and seems more trustable.

  • Good design

A web page needs to be user-friendly and have people navigate within the website with ease. A good site that does not have technical issues will generate much more revenue than a site that puzzles the consumer at every step. This problem can be easily solved by outsourcing web page design to different firms.

  • Social media

When advertising, a social media presence is a huge boon. 54 percent of people browse the company’s social media before purchasing the product. Social media serves a dual function of displaying your products and services. It also helps to prove that your company is genuine. Utilizing the right hashtags and posting at the right time can help reach people from all over the world and will attract them to your company.

  • Email subscribers

Nearly 24 percent of revenue comes from email subscribers. The emails can help advertise the new upcoming products and services. Sales and promotions can be displayed to consumers through this method. It helps remind the consumer about the product without the consumer seeking this information himself.

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