Digital Marketing Activities That Contribute to Lead Generation

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Lead generation is the most crucial task for companies to remain afloat and earn revenue. However, lead generation is not easy, and it takes expertise to generate business leads online. One needs help from the experts. Particularly in the online world, a digital marketing agency can help you. An internet market marketing company uses several strategies to generate interest in the offered products and services and educate prospective customers about solutions. Your company becomes the automatic first choice when customers want a particular product or service since you have already built credibility with them. It sounds easy, but we know it isn’t. Let’s take an example to understand it better.

Understanding The Role of Digital Marketing with An Example

We can take an example of our company. Toffee Global is a digital marketing company in India, and through its reliable internet marketing techniques, the company is attracting clients for its business. A person named, “Smith” has opened a bakery business in Seattle, but he isn’t getting leads. His friend suggests that he advertise his business online to increase business. He goes online and searches for ‘How to conduct business online. When he searches for this, he sees a few blogs written about it. One blog on the first Google page catches his attention. The article discussed how to create a website, how to promote it, and how to optimize it for local search engines. Smith likes the blog but is busy. The next day he searches for the term ‘how to create a website.’ He finds some answers in QUORA, and again he finds an engaging piece of content there that was a creation of ‘Toffee Global.’

He doesn’t know how to hire someone or what the cost would be, and he doesn’t understand how to bring his business online. He goes online again to look for a website developer and designer in Seattle. He calls some numbers available locally, but their pricing doesn’t suit him. He wants a cheaper option.

He logs back into the internet and looks for a cheaper option to build a website. Again, on the first page, he finds the landing page link from ‘Toffee Global’ about outsourcing website building services. At this point, Smith knows that this digital marketing company in India can help him. He decides to find out more about them and visits the home page, where he finds their email link. He immediately sends them a message about his needs.

In response to his email, the business replies with the name of a manager, phone number, and Skype address. Smith receives the email and decides to call. Once Smith calls, he talks about his requirements. The manager from the company informs him that Toffee Global is not only an online marketing agency but also a local SEO and website designing company as well. Smith finds Toffee Global’s rates affordable, so he decides to use their services. Within 6 months, his business has grown and he is now a regular client of this company. He is very pleased with the services and has no hesitation in recommending the digital marketing company in India that has turned around his business.

What Does This Example Show?

This clearly shows that lead generation and client acquisition don’t happen by magic. It takes multiple steps and combinations of several activities. In this example, blog writing, landing page creation, and Quora answer are just some of the activities that helped thedigital marketing agency gain leads from Smith. It is how leads generate via digital marketing. Want to know about Toffee Global? We are anexperienced digital marketing company in India. Contact us now to get a competitive advantage.

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