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best social media marketing company

Social media marketing is the best way to connect with the audience through different social media platforms. It’s a great source to promote any of your products or services to make it trending among the people quickly and efficiently. You can easily engage the audience by posting some relevant pictures, videos, text and other content related to your service, on the websites.

Toffee is one of the most trending social media marketing companies in Noida that can help you increase your revenue globally. Suppose you are thinking of taking your business and brand to new heights. In that case, our social media marketing agency in Noida will help you to increase your product sale, online as well as offline through the continuous advertisement of your brand among the people.

27 most effective social media marketing tools:

  • Tweepi:

    Tweepi is a tool used by Twitter that can help you get more followers as it searches for the audience that is most interested in your service topic.

  • Audiense:

    It is a social intelligence tool that searches for the new target audience and collects them. It’s one of the best tools to build relationships with your customers and users.

  • ZeroFOX:

    It is a security tool that fits with all trending social media platforms. It helps to keep your social media account safe and secure from hackers who may try to take control of your confidential information and thus protects your brand against them.

  • LastPass:

    It is specially designed for the use of social media; LastPass can be used to create ultra-strong passwords for social media.

  • Followerwonk:

    This tool is exclusively by Twitter users as it is one the most useful tools on the list to analyse your Twitter audience in a way that you can target them and ultimately grow your base.

  • Agro Pulse:

    It has special analytics features which could help you run contests, promotions and quizzes. It allows you to analyse your social media marketing campaign effects against your competitors.

  • Facebook Analytics:

    It is a great tool to analyse how many people have interacted with your content. It also shows who interacted and where they interacted.


    It gives you a variety of marketing tools to monitor your profile and hashtags. You can use it for- monitoring campaign performance, tweaking profile engagement, connecting with influencers and so on.

  • Tailwind:

    It is a much-needed tool for creating content on Pinterest and Instagram. It has a drag-and-drop calendar that makes scheduling content much easier.

  • Revive Old Posts:

    It helps to keep your social media account active by automatically posting old posts.

  • Visage:

    It is a tool needed for social media campaigns, to design social media graphics that perfectly fits in each platform.

  • Canva:

    It is a tool which comes with many ready-made templates and cool graphics that you can use for your posts. You can create incredible images for your campaigns with this.

  • Sprinklr:

    It is like a four-in-one social media marketing management platform that will help you with social advocacy, customer care, social engagement and social advertising.

  • Sendible:

    If you want to manage your social media for multiple clients, then this is one of the best social media marketing tools for the company.

  • Brand24:

    It is a potent social media analytics tool as it calculates social media reach and monitors hashtags performance.

  • Buffer:

    It supports all the social media platforms; it helps to create a posting schedule so that your content gets spread out throughout the month.

  • MeetEdgar:

    If you have MeetEdgar, then there’s no need for a content manager, it is a social media management tool that handles all the re-sharing of content automatically.

  • Hootsuite:

    With the help of Hootsuite, you can develop better social media marketing skills by checking out a free online course on social media.

  • IFTTT:

    This tool is used to set up the rules for the smooth working of your social media marketing empire and helps to process them in a way that will increase an individual’s productivity.

  • Socialbakers:

    It helps to understand the audience behaviour through artificial intelligence (AI) and pushes your business towards the smarter end on social media.

  • Statusbrew:

    It helps to manage and monitor all your social media accounts through a single platform.

  • Everypost:

    It is a social media management tool that helps to curate visual content from other relevant sources at one place, for business.

  • Edgar:

    This tool knows when to share the content on your social media to engage the audience and also re-shares the content automatically.

  • Bitly:

    It is a link shortener tool that shortens the lengthy links into a small one, which is relatively easy to remember and implement.

  • Sprout Social:

    This is an all-in-one social media management tool which helps in audience engagement, publishing content, data analytics and team collaboration.

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