7 Upcoming Digital Marketing Trends In 2020


The technology is advancing at such a fast pace that one cannot even make use of one trend entirely before it becomes old news. With such drastic changes appearing in the digital landscape almost daily, the businesses need to up their digital marketing game to stay in trend. One missed chance can result in a business becoming a thing of the past. Digital marketing trends are changing and evolving faster than ever before. Things like augmented reality, visual search, and such was a dream in the past and have become the essential tools for businesses worldwide to attract more customers. With such pace of trends changing, one needs the guidance of an expert to stay afloat and in the mainstream. With the aid of the best digital marketing company in Noida, the daunting task of understanding recent digital marketing trends can become more manageable.

Below, you will find a list of forthcoming digital marketing trends that will help you flourish your business in the world of technology.

• Chat Bots

Every consumer requires special attention and immediate response to their query. We live in a world where everything is supposed to be fast and prompt. Chatbots and smart chats help cater to each consumer’s needs faster and in a better way. The chatbots are easy to design and interact with, making the process of resolving queries much more stimulating and quicker.

• Voice Search

With the onset of voice assistants, the trend of getting what you want by just uttering the words has taken over the world. Not only voice searches make the experience of buying a product an interactive process, but it can also be made more personal. Voice searches can use each customer’s data and provide recommendations, better search results, and much more.

• Virtual Reality

An experience of being in a store while you are sitting on your couch is something every consumer dreams of. Even with online shopping, people like the experience of traditional door-to-door shopping. With the help of VR, that can be made possible. One need not put a step outside their house, and they will be able to get the experience of shopping.

• Notifications

A little notification reminding the customer about something they forgot in their cart or an exclusive offer can increase your business’s virtual footfall. Notifications can prove to be a great way to show that you care for your every customer.

• Augmented Reality

With situations like pandemic looming on the world, augmented reality can become the most practical way of shopping. With augmented reality, one does not need to touch or interact with a product; all its details will be shown on a computer screen beside it. Augmented reality can be the future of shopping and one of the most anticipated digital trends.

• Live Streaming

Bring your business online and live in the new and most interactive way to reach your target audience. Especially useful for service-providers, live streaming can give you a popularity boost in the digital realm.

• Visual Search

Cutting away the clutter of words is the way of visual search. With the help of visual search, businesses can break the barrier of languages and increase their outreach over international borders. Visual search makes the process of searching and sorting much more lucrative and straight-forward.

Understanding digital trends can be a hard nut to crack. Still, with Toffee, a digital marketing company in Noida, one can use these trends for their benefit and increase their profits exponentially.

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