5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Google Rankings

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Marketing on Google and landing on the first page has always been a dream for many websites and companies. However, it becomes highly stressful when most companies cannot achieve this dream. SEO which is Search Engine Optimization requires a dedicated amount of time and research to be put into it. Google first came into action in 1998 and has been a hot topic for digital marketers.

How Can Google Rankings Improve Your Website?

Google is one of the most popular search engines worldwide. With a higher ranking on Google, the chances of your website’s visibility increase drastically. Thus, as a result, you attract more customers to your website, thereby increasing your business and sales. There are several ways to increase your search ranking on Google. Hiring a digital marketing agency in India is one of the best ways to increase the SEO of your website. 

Five Ways that Can Help to Increase Your Google Rankings

If you wish to increase the Google rankings of your website, here are five sure-shot ways in which you can get the desired results –

  • Design and Structure of the Website

A properly defined website that serves the purpose of the users is preferable to an ill-defined website. Google looks forward to a well-structured website that matches the correct algorithm. Technical aspects such as loading speed, website and mobile-friendly, etc., also play a major role. A technically correct website maintained per the current normal has more chances of appearing on the Google ranking list.

  • Enhance the User Experience

By enhancing the user experience, website owners can indirectly publicize their websites. Such websites are more commonly shared among individuals, increasing the number of viewers. When a user stays on the website longer, this is identified by Google and thus promoted by the search engine. Some ways to enhance the user experience are

  1. Graphics: The graphics must be attractive and related to the content. Avoid controversial or plagiarized content.
  2. Placement of Content: Content placement throughout the website must appeal to users.
  3. Reduced Loading Time: This is one of the major factors Google considers for its ranking list. A site that takes a long while to load is unfavorable to the viewers. A better algorithm can enhance it.
  • Google-Optimized Content

It is not difficult to achieve Google-optimized content. On the contrary, it is quite easy. Google mainly identifies long-form content, over 2500 words. It must have shorter sentences, correct spelling and grammar, paragraph structure, and a section for frequently asked questions. Google mainly focuses on keywords and their placement throughout the content. It must be adequate, not under or over-stuffed. Other details to keep in mind are meta descriptions and geotags.

  • Content Must Align With the Search Intent

Based on your topic, the content must be relevant. It is important to ensure that the topic covers all aspects of the said blogs. More simply, it must satisfy the query of the viewers. It classifies as appropriate content for the topic.

  • Internal Linking

Lastly, to enhance the viewership, retaining the incoming viewers to your site is important. One of the best ways to achieve this is by internal linking. You can easily select the popular keywords from your article or blog and link them to the existing content on your website. When the user clicks on this, they are directly redirected to some other article on your website, thereby increasing the usage time of the viewer.


The best way to ensure your website ranks on the Google list is to hire a digital marketing agency in India. They have a team of specialized professionals who know the rice tactics and can handle all kinds of problems coming in front of them. It is a sure-shot way of enhancing your boost and reaching a maximum audience in a shorter duration.

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