20 Creative Content Ideas for the Holidays season

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At Toffee Digital marketing agency in Noida, we provide the ideal approaches to create content that helps in interacting with the social media audience. As it is said by many, creative content is the ideal way to cultivate connections. Below mentioned are the 20 most innovative ways to create content this holiday season. 

  • Creative Social Media Stories:

As suggested by various Digital marketing company in India, stories have the potential to assemble an account of interaction that one can’t achieve with customary posts.

  • Add Filters to Holiday Posts:

These days social media filters and lenses are the two best Digital marketing approaches to make any holiday post viral. 

  • Create Social Media Polls:

A poll on one’s social media platform can be a fun way to engage the audience during the holiday season. It can be a fun this/that poll or a yes/no poll; it is surely bound to make your handle interesting.

  • Using Hashtags:

Usage of hashtags helps to raise the audience to reach and boost the website traffic. Different types of hashtags can be used like product hashtags, event hashtags, seasonal hashtags, niche hashtags, etc. 

  • Organise a Photography Contest:

Occasional photograph challenges can enhance social media presence as it will increase your interaction with the audience through entry submissions.

  • Put Attractive Cover Page and Logos:

Cover page and logos are one of the primary things that the audience notices on social media, as always said by digital marketing agencies if these need to be appealing.  

  • Share Articles that Matter:

Every canny content creator or digital marketing group puts articles that address social concerns and bring awareness among people.

  • Organise Giveaways:

Every Digital marketing agency suggests that giveaways can help build good relationships with the audience and develop a better reach.

  • Collaborate with Influencers :

Collaborate with other social media influencers and create content with them. The content should be reachable to both the channels (yours and the influencers you have collaborated with) collaborated content always helps increase the followers. 

  • Create a Chatbot:

A fun chatbot separates one social media handle from others and helps in getting a new audience. Chatbots are the best way to maintain interaction with the audience. 

  • Create Behind the Scene Content:

The audience is interested in knowing what you have done while you were creating the content. Behind the scene, content should show the hard work required while curating the content of the audience. 

  •  Use Live Videos to Interact:

Live videos encourage the person to cultivate an individual association with their adherents. In videos creates engagement and increases content viewers. 

  •  Make Virtual Schedule:

In a virtual schedule, a person can highlight a monthly plan, day-to-day activities. Many digital marketing agencies say that virtual schedule gives reason to the audience to connect.

  • Make People Aware Of New Deals:

Many people are not aware of various good deals. A person can use social media to suggest extraordinary deals to their audience.

  • Give Tip of the Day

Jot down the list of tips you can give your audience. And share one good thought with them every day, answer their question and top their favourite influencer list. 

  • Create Content About Celebrities:

Content about celebrities always grabs attention. What are they doing? Which movie is coming? Whey are they going? Who is getting married to Whom?. All these contents are the golden sword in social media for getting traffic. 

  • Highlight Upcoming Trends:

Everyone likes to keep up with the trends. Create content about the future fashion, beauty, style, trends, etc. 

  • Host a Virtual Party:

The virtual party can help in exchanging thoughts, giving suggestions, highlighting various things in one bundle.

  • Do a fun Caption Contest:

Post a photo and ask the audience to suggest the best caption; this short challenge can act as an ideal content creating approach.

  • Share Memories

Every social media page should allow their audience to share memories by tagging them. This activity helps the social media page to get in direct contact with the audience.

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