11 Best New Year Marketing Ideas to Jump-Start 2021

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We at Toffee, a digital marketing company in Noida, suggest that if a company has a good marketing strategy, it attracts a good clientele. The company can offer the best offers and deals, but the client can never recognise a company if it does not follow the company promoting procedure that is marketing. Following are the 11 best marketing strategies to use in 2021 :

  1. Know the client:

One-size-fit marketing procedures never work.  The best digital marketing company in Noida creates client books to gather client feedback and implement various marketing strategies. They get an answer to questions like, What segment of clients do they have? What is the age of the client? Where does their client live? How does their client search for various items?

  1. Maintain an Attractive Website:

Every digital marketing company creates websites keeping in mind their targeted clients. Website adversely affects the company image and can assemble client trust. The website should be simple, eye-pleasing and readable.

  1. Use SEO:

SEO is the main method of building web traffic done by a digital marketing company. Even if Google changes the hunt calculations, the company needs to keep its page SEO upgraded to rank the company profoundly.

  1. Use Email:

An email can promote any company. Digital marketing companies use email because it is simple to robotise, permits quick correspondence, costs less and can arrive at an enormous number of expected clients. While using email marketing, a company must give important information that a person is interested in reading.

  1. Get Google My Business:

Google My Business is an efficient way to increase client base. It provides an incredible method to let the company reach the highest point in search engine optimisation. With Google My Business Company naturally gains credibility; individuals will be ready to confide with the company.

  1. Use Sponsorship:

With so much going on online these days, sponsorship is an extraordinary method to bring issues to light of people. Digital marketing companies use sponsorship because with sponsorship a person will only consider a particular company when they need a specific item and will be bound to come or revisit the same company because of affiliation with the company.


To make the company known, it is important to promote it. Promotion helps in developing company identity. Distributing gifts and vouchers can be a strategy adopted by the company while doing promotion.

  1. Use Referral:

Use the current clients to drum more business, use referral to get more clients. Digital marketing companies use strategies such as giving away prizes like free items, cards, coupons, and free trips to attract more clients.

  1. Use Google Adwords:

Google Adwords acts as an incredible instrument that helps in showcasing the company to the outer world. It helps in highlighting the company on top when someone searches for similar interest.

  1. Make Videos:

As truly said by digital marketing companies that videos are the first steps of attracting the clients. Video marketing provides an opportunity for one-to-one interaction with the audience.

  1. Use SMS Chat:

People tend to check and re-check their phones now and then. SMS chat can allow highlighting the company in the mind of the audience and create an impact.

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