10 Digital Marketing Tips You Need To Consider After Coronavirus


The coronavirus pandemic has brought about the complete shutdown of some services for days. The impact of the closures on every business has been enormous. Establishments, where people gather in large numbers, like movie theatres, restaurants, and other recreational facilities, have taken the biggest hit. Even the running businesses aren’t working at their full capacity due to limited staff. With consumers avoiding going out and physical contact, they have switched to ordering products online and using cashless transactions. The current situation calls for new digital marketing solutions for your business to get you back in the game.

How has the pandemic affected businesses across the world?

Due to the corona pandemic, businesses from across the globe were affected in several ways. Some of the trends common to all are:

  • A surge in demand for e-commerce
  • Less money spent on non-essentials
  • More demand for industries selling cleaning products, masks, and other protective gear
  • A shift in the pattern of search trends
  • Disruptions in the supply chain
  • Increased cashless transactions
  • Free access to online tools, tutorials, and resources
  • Higher traffic on video conferencing platforms, games and streaming services
  • An overall enhanced focus on building business digitally

What is the “new normal” expected for businesses? 

The current scenarios have resulted in the necessary shift towards remote operations. Even in parts of the world where things are opening again, people are still skeptical about going out to public places for recreation and in-person transactions. As a business owner, being available online will keep you on the grid. With reduced budgets due to shutdowns and limited workforce allowed on-site, switching from primarily offline business operation to a remotely operated business within a limited time will be a daunting task.

If you are a marketer, operating your business post corona and getting ahead of your competitors will become a smooth ride by keeping these coronavirus digital marketing tips in mind and planning your strategies around them.

Ten sure shot ways to use digital marketing to your advantage:

Rebuilding your business online and being back in the spotlight will demand a proactive approach to digital marketing. Here are ten tips to help you restore or build your brand online:

  • Visibility: 

The first step for successful online marketing of your business is to be visible. High search engine rankings ensure that you get a broader audience to promote yourself. Search engine optimization of your content and website is the way to improve organic traffic on your site. Focus your SEO strategies on the latest marketing trends. Optimize your content for voice as well as image search. Keep your information updated on the Google Business list.

  • Online reputation:

Online businesses recently lost their edge as Google removed reviews from business websites and prevented the responses on past reviews. Now that publishing reviews are back, build your reputation by:

  • strong links and positive reviews
  • respond and fix issues
  • reach out to your partners
  • engage with your customers
  • encourage reviews from current users on various online platforms

You can also use reputation management software to keep track of your interactions and fill in the gaps caused due to COVID.

  • Reevaluate your digital properties:

Due to lockdown, many businesses have pulled out their digital marketing investments. Investing in digital marketing services right now will give you an edge over others. Make sure you use cost-effective online marketing services to your advantage to build your brand online by investing in search optimization.

  • Strengthen yourself digitally:

Your website is your online showroom. Take the time to invest in improving the user experience. Upgrade your website to make it more engaging. This not only includes adding new content but also involves improving the already posted content and optimizing it according to the latest trends. Update your site with relevant COVID related information and improve site security by investing in web hosting services.

  • Transparency and communication:

Now is the time to develop healthy communication with your consumers via email marketing and regular newsletters. Share relevant updates about your operations and create engaging posts. Be transparent about the safety precautions being followed by your business and policy changes due to COVID to build trust.

  • Improve your targeting strategies:

A quick way to improve your visibility and reach the target audience is to use Pay-Per-Click strategy. PPC enables you to reach a wider audience, irrespective of your search engine ratings. Invest in an excellent PPC service and get your content adjusted based on real-time trends analysis.

  • Be present on social media:

With the COVID-19 situation outside, people are spending more time on social media round the clock. The best way to boost your business and be in the spotlight is to be actively present on social media by creating engaging promotions like audio advertisements, videos, posters, tweets, and image posts.

  • Develop your content: 

With all prospects of social events closed, staying connected with your customers and sharing how your business can help them with their immediate needs can be helpful. Use appropriate content marketing services to provide exciting content related to your company and products.

  • Marketing through videos:

People are spending more time streaming videos on youtube and other similar platforms. Promote your products and services by video advertisements and emphasize their significance post-corona. You can also share your team efforts or client reviews through video clips. You must also ensure that your content does not foster negativity or increase fear.

  • E-commerce marketing:

Coronavirus has shifted the attention of most users towards e-commerce sites. To provide round the clock services to your target audience, you can:

  • Update product listing on sites like amazon
  • Display reviews
  • Diversify your products
  • Eliminate the clutter from your site
  • Conduct surveys to understand customer needs and work according to that
  • Update products
  • Use PPC strategy to your advantage
  • Create a loyalty plan for your customers

The corona pandemic has caused a significant setback to both local and international businesses. With smart strategies and the right digital marketing tools, companies can be back on the grid and be ready to work with the “new normal” conditions!

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