Lead Generation

Join us to help extend your reach to your audience. We at Toffee are a team of professionals who are equipped with the skills to help you grow your business.

Our experts continuously explore new strategies and platforms for the focused target on getting client leads. But as time changes and technology advances, channels of lead generation adapt too. We worked with latest trends which align with your business smoothly.

Market Research and Analysis

Collection of data to analyze how the market is responding to your campaign. This will help us predict how your future campaigns will be received and tweak it accordingly.

Marketing Strategy Development

Develop an effective marketing strategy that will optimize your performance. We can utilize all the tools at your disposal to its maximum potential while still maintaining an economical budget.

Lead Generation Quality Optimization

Ways to filter leads so that you will not have to burden your IT and marketing department anymore.

Campaign Tracking

Track of the results, the campaigns are showing. We monitor the activity surrounding your campaign to brainstorm ways to refine it and give you the best result for your budget.

Our Premium Lead Generation Services Include

Good content is the key to any successful marketing campaign. The content we create for you provides visitors with useful, free information. We specialize in the strategic placement of call-to-actions to generate leads for your business. If the quality of the content is exceptional, the likelihood of a visitor clicking on your call-to-action increases. This directs them to your landing page.

Emails are a digital alternative to physical mails. But unlike physical mails, viewers are likely to be on a subscribed list. This ensures that they are genuinely interested in your products and services. To make sure that your email is not flagged as spam, we decide on an effective call-to-action. We will help you choose an attractive layout of email and good content.

Ads are a form of marketing that you have to spend money on. Flashy ads are all well and good but make sure what you are advertising matches what is on your landing page. This will increase your conversion rates and overall impression of your business.

Social media makes up a huge fraction of digital media. There are billions of users on social media sites and applications. There are multiple benefits for a business on social media.

  • Creating a social media account for your brand gives good exposure to what you offer.
  • We can help you develop a relationship with clients as social media is a much more personal and intimate platform.
  • We can assist you in promoting your posts. The algorithms for such platforms are designed such that people interested in products you sell are the target demographic.
  • Viewers can get to your landing page with just a few clicks, making it easy and accessible.

Advantages of associating with Toffee

  • We can help you acquire the leads your business requires.
  • The marketing we design for you will be subtle and disguised by the primary motive to educate.
  • The audience has control. They decide when and how they like to engage with your business.
  • At our digital marketing company in Noida, content is given utmost importance.
  • We create content in the form of text, audio, video, or images as it all resides in the digital domain.
  • We create personalized content for your target demographics, making your business appeal to a lot of leads.

The Best B2B lead generation agency

B2B lead generation is one of the first steps in a marketing funnel to find potential new customers. The process involves collecting data on users and automatically catering marketing content that is tailored to each user. It is not a one size fits all affair, and therefore, B2B lead generation services must be customised to the prospective future customer. Toffee Pvt Ltd is one of the best B2B lead generation companies that offer specialised B2B lead generation services by creating strategic and targeted marketing campaigns, aimed at creating new customers out of high intent prospects.

The strategies used by Toffee Pvt Ltd’s B2B lead generation agency includes:

  • Market Research and Analysis:This involves collecting user data and analysing the outcomes of the marketing campaigns to predict future outcomes and perfect the campaign according to the market response.
  • Marketing Strategy Development:It involves developing a custom marketing strategy tailored to your customers and the current market trends using all of the available resources and staying within your budget.
  • Lead Generation Quality Optimization:It consists of methods to filter out the best and most relevant leads and get rid of the rest.
  • Campaign Tracking:This involves tracking the results of your campaign, monitoring the activities, and tweaking it to improve the campaign further using the available resources as well as budget.

What do Toffee’s B2B lead generation services cover?

Toffee is one of the best B2B lead generation companies and our premium services for lead generation covers the following.

  • Quality content:Strategic placements of call-to-actions within high-quality content to visit your landing page and create leads for your business.
  • Emails: Attractive layout for newsletters and subscription-based emails, with proper measures to avoid getting sent to spam.
  • Ads:Appropriate campaigns that suit your landing page and your brand to increase conversion rates without being obnoxious.
  • Social media:Creating various social media accounts for your brand to get exposure and create more audience engagement which results in a more organic kind of lead generation. We also help with promoting your posts through algorithms that can identify the best prospective lads who can reach your landing page with a simple click.

Why should you choose Toffee?

We are one of the best B2B lead generation company in the country that can provide you with a range of solutions to create new leads to help your business grow. The marketing content will be educational in nature, making it subtle and not overbearing for the users. We also prioritise allowing the users’ full control and freedom over how and when they want to engage with your business, so that lead generation is organic and not forced upon them. Our digital marketing company in Noida provides personalised content of various types such as text, audio, video, or images that cater to your specific target demographics, to increase the appeal and popularity of your brand.

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