How AI is Changing the Face of Digital Marketing

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Artificial intelligence is transforming the face of digital marketing strategies used by brands worldwide. Several brands are using different forms of artificial intelligence services to make digital marketing outcomes more effective and productive.


Chatbots are one of the hottest trends related to artificial intelligence that is completely transforming the face of digital marketing. In fact, millions of chatbots have been developed for the Facebook Messenger applications. Chatbots are very helpful when it comes to assisting brands with day-to-day customer-related activities. Starting from setting an alarm or playing your favourite song or solving the customers’ queries and questions, technology advancement is the need of the hour, which is there in digital marketing. Using voice recognition technology, brands can automate several repetitive tasks using third-party programming. Artificial intelligence in chatbots can function in different applications like email and websites, changing the way digital marketing is processed. Using the chatbots, customers can opt for a conversation that is more like a human conversation.

Machine-generated Content

Content undoubtedly plays a vital role in every marketing strategy that a brand looks out for. Therefore, coming up with compelling, interactive, and well-researched content is always the best thing about a website or a social media campaign. Artificial intelligence is changing the game for the marketing departments with machine-generated copy to engage online and offline audiences and followers. Machine-generated copy is nothing but the content that is produced by the computer itself using algorithms and various programming. Typically, a machine-generated copy is very effective when it comes to subject lines for social media posts, emails, and text messages. Artificial intelligence can use these machine-generated copies to test thousands of different kinds of content possibilities at one possible time, thus generating the best results.

More Data and Advanced Data Processing

Big data and artificial intelligence have changed how digital marketing is processed. Collected data and information keeps growing with the advent of artificial intelligence that helps create effective digital marketing strategies. The brand analyzes the collected data so that the right digital marketing strategies are used to get potential customers online. So, artificial intelligence is working in alignment with the produced data so that it can bring in possible marketing strategies. Using artificial intelligence and data, the personalization of messages is taking place, which makes marketing personalized. This gives customers a better experience when the brand serves them based on personalised attention.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications

Several brands are using the applications to serve their customers better, making Augmented and virtual reality applications highly critical in transforming the traditional digital marketing process. It has become a significant and influential part of the marketing strategy. Marketing becomes effective when brands use virtual reality applications to serve customers better. Multiple companies are already using virtual and augmented reality applications to make their marketing and sales processes more effective and productive. This allows the brands to serve the customers by giving them a practical experience right from the comfort of their homes. Integration of augmented and virtual reality applications makes the marketing strategy of brands much more appealing and customer-centric.

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